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A breath-taking leap, a thrilling flight 1500 mt long. You’ll have the possibility to cross the lake and fly over the old town of Vagli Sotto, at a height of more or less 350 mt and a speed of 150 km/h.


Every Sunday the AS350 Helicopter will be available at Vagli Park for a panoramic tour and a trip to the Zip Line area. You can book your flight by sending an email to


Book your stay in the historic palace of the recently renovated Doma Palace. You can eat in the Campocatino Restaurant (telephone bookings at +39 345 1737167)


Surrounded by the evocative landscape of the Apuan Alps, Vagli Park offers an unforgettable experience to anybody looking for fun, adventure and relaxation, anybody who wants to spend some time in contact with nature or to discover new fascinating places, like the old medieval villages, the lake and the submerged town that lies in its depths, the spectacular suspended rope bridge, and much more.

The cost of the ticket for entry to the park is 2 €


“Vagli Park Experience”: 10 % discount for costumers interested in booking a Zip Line flight + stay at the Doma Palace Hotel + meal at the Al Volo Restaurant.