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Zip line

What it is

A breath-taking leap, a thrilling flight 1500 mt long. You’ll have the possibility to cross the lake and fly over the old town of Vagli Sotto, at a height of more or less 350 mt and a speed of 150 km/h. You’ll fly connected to a steel cable with the specific equipment.

Types of flight

Our structure is unique since it allows clients to jump in several positions, moreover is was designed to be suitable for disabled people:

  • Single or double Free style flight: Movements during the flight are free
  • Single or Double Angel’s flight: the harness allows the user to fly lying on their stomach in order to better enjoy the view
  • Single flight with specific seat


49 € for single flight: free style, angel, seated.

70 € for double free style flight

85 € for double angel flight

-10% discount for those who book the whole “Vagli Park experience”, comprehensive of flight, the Doma Palace hotel, and a meal at the Campocatino Restaurant.

Meeting point

The meeting point is Strada Provinciale 50 crossing via Europa, Vagli Sotto. We ask customers to be at the meeting points a few minutes before the time of the flight.

Minimum – Maximum weight

The minimum weight for single and double flights is 30 kg.

The maximum weight for single flights is 130 kg.

The maximum weight for double flights is 145 kg. The difference between the participants can’t exceed 40 kg.

How to book your flight

You can book your flight directly from this website.

For underage people an authorization signed by the parents will be required.

The booking process requires the personal data of each customer.

When the booking is completed a deposit of 29 € in case of single flight, of 45 € in case of double angel flight and of 35 € in case of double free style flight will be charged. In case the flight will not take place due to issues related to Vagli Park, it will be the duty of the company to notify and refund the customer at least one day before the flight. The remaining sum will be charged on the day of the flight.

Videos and pictures of your flight

We will provide you with a camera to film your flight!

You’ll then have the possibility to buy a pen drive with the video of the flight. (Price: 10 €)

In case of technical issues of the camera, Vagli Park will give the 10 euros back, it won’t be possible to fly again.