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The park of Honour and Dishonour

On the lakeshore, at the foot of the majestic bridge, you’ll find the Honor and Dishonor Park with its precious marble statues. Its meaning is highly symbolic: as the name suggests, on one side there are the statues that represent “The Dishonor”, amongst which Francesco Schetino with rabbit ears and the Captain Gregorio de Falco, whereas on the other side the police dog Diesel (killed in France during a terrorist attack), Fabrizio Quattrocchi (a military guard kidnapped and killed in Iraq) and Aleksander Prokhorenko (young Russian soldier who asked his fellow soldiers to bomb his position since he was surrounded by Isis soldiers) represent “The Honor”. The mayor Mario Puglia announced the purchase of a new statue, that of the newly-elected president of the United States Donald Trump, that will be placed in the center between the two sides and will be moved to the Honor or the Dishonor side at a later time, depending on how he will act during his presidency.

Park entrance ticket € 2