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The Lake and the Ghost Town

The building of the dike started in 1941, they were interrupted due to the war and they ended in 1947, when the dike was 65 mt high. From 1952 to 1953 then. The dike was raised up to 95 mt. As a consequence of the construction of the dike, the villages of Pantano, Piari and Fabbriche di Careggino were submerged, and the population was obliged to leave their homes. In 1958, when the lake was emptied for the first time, it was possible to see the ruins of Fabbriche (nothing was left of Piari and Pantano). The submerged village was once inhabited by a community of blacksmiths who worked the iron extracted from the Tambura Mountain; they say that when the lake is emptied and the town re-emerges, the old inhabitants move back to their dwellings.