The town and its districts

Vagli Park is divided into three main small towns: Vagli Sotto, Vagli Sopra and Roggio. Walking through the streets of these three characteristic and quiet towns you’ll bump into several monuments of ancient origin, consequence of the occupation of old nomadic populations like the Celts, the Etruscans, the Umbrians, the Ligurians, the Apuans, the Romans, etc. Today we can still find traces of the antique fortifications, ruins of the defensive walls and of the old castles.

Il lago di Vagli

In the park you’ll discover fascinating villages, old churches, museums, natural landscapes, and much more.

Vagli Sotto

Vagli Sotto

The largest part of the touristic services (the town hall, the post office, the bank, the pharmacy, the clinics, the hotels, the restaurants, the swimming pool, the touristic information point, etc) can be found in Vagli Sotto, along the banks of the famous “Fontana delle Monache” (a district formed as a consequence of the building of the dyke, named after an ancient cloistered convent).

Vagli Sopra

Vagli Sopra

In Vagli Sopra you can find two different areas, one modern area that contrasts with the old town center; here, they recently found a tomb of Ligurian-Apuan origin, that dates back to the 200-180 a.C. Several trekking routes cross the town and lead to the surrounding mountains. Moreover, at the foot of the Roccandaglia Mountain, you can find Campocatino, where you can enjoy one of the best views of the Alps, adorned by the beautiful sheds that used to function as houses for the transhumant shepherds.


In the old village of Roggio then, an elevated fortress where the ancient castle was located, surrounded by centuries-old chestnut trees, mushrooms and berries, the old defensive walls still survive.